How a Short Stay in St. Louis Won Me Over

In the spirit of full transparency, Missouri was always a fly-over state for me. I had heard good things about St. Louis over the years, but it never made it on my bucket list if you know what I mean. So when I found out we’d be there for a few days, I was mostly excited to explore a new place! Plus, I read that their toasted ravioli is to die for…

Say no more – I’M IN!


St. Louis Union Station Hotel

This iconic hotel was probably my favorite part of the trip. In its heyday, the St. Louis Union Station was a popular train station (learn about its history here!) attracting high-profile visitors – celebrities, politicians, etc. After closing in 1978, the building reinvented itself to the historic hotel and visitor center it is today!

All that to say, the hotel has got some history and it shows. From the Grand Hall’s light show to the adjoining dining options and activities, the Union Station Hotel boasts its historic charm everywhere you look.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend staying here if you’re in the area 🙂


Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant & Irish Pub

We stumbled upon this lively pub on our initial hunt for toasted ravioli. Maggie O’Brien’s is walking distance from the hotel and has friendly service and delicious food, especially their toasted ravioli!

Landry’s Seafood House

This seafood restaurant is located in the adjoining Union Station center behind the hotel. We sampled Landry’s clam chowder, crab cakes, fish and chips (all tasty!) and enjoyed the fun atmosphere.

Cinder House

We definitely splurged for this meal. Cinder House is located on the eighth floor of Four Seasons Hotel and made for the perfect upscale date night setting. The rooftop overlooks the city, including an amazing view of the infamous Gateway Arch!

For all my lovebirds out there, I recommend this spot for date night 🙂

The Train Shed

This restaurant is a popular place to eat so we waited a solid 30 minutes before getting seated, but the wait was totally worth it! The Train Shed has a lot of good shareable dishes as well as very tasty toasted ravioli.

Can you tell how much I love this stuff?! I would go back to St. Louis just for that 😉


The Gateway Arch

It wouldn’t be a trip to St. Louis without visiting the Gateway Arch!

We snuck in a trip to the city’s iconic monument right before the sunset on our last night. We would have liked to take the tram to the top if we had more time, but just being there and seeing it in person was an awesome experience.

You don’t need me to tell you this, but make this a priority if you’re in St. Louis!

St. Louis Union Station

The Union Station was where we spent most of our time since we stayed in the neighboring hotel. My husband and I enjoyed exploring this area and people watching in our down time. Whether you’re looking for a ride on a ferris wheel or to catch a fire show on water, the Union Station is a place to see when you’re in the area!

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