The Ultimate Guide to Downtown Phoenix Coffee Shops

Downtown Phoenix offers visitors an eclectic lineup of food (check out my dinner recommendations here!) and drink options, including some of the valley’s best coffee shops! Whether you’re looking for latte art, a drive-thru, city views or even just a trendy experience, downtown Phoenix coffee shops are where it’s at 🙌

Although there are plenty of Starbucks in the city, I’ve decided to not include them in this list. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Starbs drink, but I also love shopping local, especially if it means experiencing delicious, high-end coffee!

Keep in mind, my DTPHX coffee guide merely scratches the surface – there are plenty of other spots I could have featured. I meticulously narrowed down this list to places I can personally vouch for and genuinely enjoy giving my business to. I’m sure this list will evolve over time but as it stands now, these are the spots I’m currently loving:


  1. Kahvi Coffee + Cafe
    • Kahvi is a relatively new spot (opened in the Summer of 2021) on Roosevelt Row and is a popular place for freelancers to work and conduct meetings. Not only do they have great coffee, they also offer a variety of events throughout the week like wine pairings, yoga events and more. Plus, it flows right into Phoenix General, a local boutique with trendy, desert-inspired goods.
  2. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
    • This is downtown’s newest coffee shop (opened in January 2022) and is a great addition to CityScape! Bad Ass Coffee has locations all over the country, and for good reason – their coffee is SO good! They currently hold the title of my favorite vanilla latte, besides the ones Sten makes me of course 😉
  3. Cafe Cordoba
    • Cafe Cordoba is located in the 101 North Building on the corner of 1st Ave and Adams. They are known for their latte art where you can actually print a photo or logo on your coffee (hot or cold!). They also have great breakfast burritos and super friendly service!
  4. FUTURO Coffee
    • This modern coffee shop is located in PALABRA, right around the corner from Roosevelt Row. FUTURO is a bit pricey, but you get premium coffee and a trendy downtown experience – totally worth the splurge if you ask me! It’s a popular place, so expect a little wait.
  5. Lola Coffee
    • Lola is located on the corner of 3rd Ave and Roosevelt, down the road from the bustle of Roosevelt Row. The shop itself is small, but they have a spacious outdoor patio with plenty of seating. This is another popular place so expect a line any day of the week.
  6. Cartel Roasting Co.
    • Cartel has locations all over Arizona (one in California and Texas too!) and serves premium coffee for a pretty good price. The downtown location is on the corner of 1st Street and Washington, which has plenty of street parking along the block. You can also order ahead if you want to beat the crowd!
  7. Royal Coffee Bar
    • Royal Coffee has a few locations throughout the valley, but the one in downtown is (in my opinion) the best. Not only is it located in the historic Heritage Square (the original townsite of Phoenix), they also roast their beans at this location! Heritage Square is a family-friendly environment and a great place to learn more about the city’s history while enjoying a tasty cup of coffee.
  8. MFG Coffee
    • MFG is a short 5 minute drive up 7th Ave from the heart of downtown, and it’s the only shop on this list that has a drive-thru! They also have outdoor patio seating and a fairly extensive menu, including smoothies and paninis 😋
  9. Press Coffee
    • Press is popular among locals as they have many locations throughout the valley. The downtown location is located in a sleek and modern space on the corner of 2nd Street and Van Buren, attracting many business professionals. Press serves premium coffee that is sure to please any coffee enthusiast!
  10. Serafina Coffee Roasters
    • This local coffee shop is located on Jefferson Street, right down the street from the Phoenix Suns’ stadium and the Arizona Diamondbacks’ ballpark! Serafina is big on Fair Trade and pride themselves on being local artisan coffee.

Honorable Mentions

The following places did not make the cut because they’re not technically coffee shops. That being said, they all serve great coffee and are places I frequent just as much and highly recommend! 😊

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club really captures the heart of downtown as it’s located on the upper terrace of CityScape. They offer indoor and outdoor patio seating, including a kiosk where you can order your breakfast to-go. This is a weekend hotspot and usually has a wait, so I would grab your coffee early or make a reservation if you’re planning to dine.

Wren & Wolf

This is one of downtown’s newest restaurants (opened in the Fall of 2021) and is currently my favorite dinner spot! Wren & Wolf is known for its dinner service and craft cocktails, but their coffee bar is crazy good too. The striking interior design alone is worth the visit, so I highly recommend!

Ingos Tasty Food

Ingos has two locations in the valley and are known for their tasty burgers and potato chips. The downtown location is relatively new (opened in the Fall of 2021), but has quickly become a popular spot! They have convenient curbside service, which is perfect when you need a quick cup of coffee!

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