White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

For starters, you should know white water rafting the Grand Canyon is the definition of a bucket list trip. And I’ve gotten to do it twice. How crazy is that?!

My in-laws are actually the ones who introduced it to me so they definitely get the credit. In fact, they love it so much that they’ve been going every two years since 2015. So cool, right?

Here’s a short video of what it looks like down there 🙂

Okay so here’s the breakdown. The trip we take is the “Motor Adventure” through Arizona Raft Adventures (AZRA) and they take care of EVERYTHING. Transportation, luggage, food, camp, rafts, toilets – you name it, they got it. The trip lasts eight days start to finish, which totals to ~230 miles down the Colorado River. Seven nights inside a natural wonder of the world? YES PLEASE.


I’ll let my video cover the details of life inside the canyon, but here’s a quick snapshot of our days for context.

Wake up at 5am, grab some breakfast, pack up camp, get on the rafts and white water raft for most of the morning before finding a beach to stop for lunch. Depending on the day, we’ll hike either before or after lunch. If we’re lucky, the hikes leads to a waterfall (most of them do!). Then in the late afternoon, we’ll pick a beach to stay for the night. Once we settle in, we enjoy dinner, exchange highlights from the day, then head to bed before it all starts again in the morning.

Okay here’s what it looks like down there – enjoy!

Not bad, huh? I’ve had worse weeks that’s for sure 😉

The Grand Canyon will always hold a lifetime of memories for me and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to explore its beauty on this level.

For more information on the details of this trip, visit our host’s website: https://azraft.com/

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